Sexual Selection

I was telling a friend yesterday about my New Year’s Eve; I mentioned that a young woman (mid-twenties) asked me to come home (sic – her hotel room) with her as she was leaving the bar.  Her sister was visiting her, so I didn’t know if they were sharing a hotel room or not, and she seemed pretty soused.  I left the bar a half hour after she did and received a message from her on my way home, asking me if I was going to come over.  No, I said — I was going home to sleep instead.  My friend interrupted me at this point in the story and said, “Why didn’t you go?”  “I guess I was more tired than horny,” I said.  “Yeah,” he said — “That sounds like the entirety of my thirties.”  When did that happen?  Ten years ago, I would have done this without question.  Fumbly, drunk 3:00am sex doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.  

(It should be noted here that I tried to have an actual conversation with this girl at a few points in the night, and we just had no rapport.  Like, crickets were chirping in the background.  If I had found her intellectually stimulating, I would have gone… so I guess this story isn’t about lowering libido so much as it’s about becoming more selective in my sexual partners.) 


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