It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a sexy story, and I think it’s time to remedy that.  As I was skimming through possible topics in my mind the other day, I thought, “What if I write about my first one-night stand?”  So then I scanned my memory for who that might be.  I went through a long list of casual sex partners from my early twenties with whom I never had a sleepover (as in, we had sex and then I or my partner went home) and realized that I didn’t know who the first person I had a one-night stand with was, and I’d have to consult my actual paper list (Don’t judge!  I know you guys do this, too).  I was shocked when I found out that the first time I had a proper, drunk, one-time sexual encounter followed by a sleepover and a morning drive home in my previous night’s makeup wasn’t until I was 26.  That story to follow in the next post… because I’m a tease.

Hilarious sidebar: I was talking to my mom last week and telling her about the book I keep in which I’ve documented just about everything in my life: addresses, jobs, extra teaching activities, volunteer hours, donations, concerts attended, etc.  I finished the list, and she promptly asked me: “You don’t have a list of all the people you’ve been with?”  I started laughing and probably blushed, and said, “Of course I do!  I just wasn’t going to mention it!”  I’m glad mom and I can have these talks.        


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