If you’re not into politics, skip right over this one!  I promise the next post will be about something more saucy.

So in addition to legalizing discrimination against gay couples recently, Indiana is seeing an uptick in the number of new HIV cases in Scott County (in the southern part of the state).  Maybe “uptick” isn’t the right word — more like a surge of new cases; the number jumped 100% in a month.  Indiana health care workers think that this is just the beginning of a growing number of HIV infections across the state, and Governor Mike Pence has announced a public health emergency.  Yes, THAT Governor Mike Pence.  The one who previously opposed needle exchange programs in Indiana, where clean needle programs are illegal (well — he still opposes them in principal, but has decided to override the law for a bit until things get under control).

In neighboring Wisconsin, Governor – slash – King Douche (I’d apologize to douche for comparing it to Walker, but it’s pretty bad for your vag, ladies.  Don’t use it.) defunded the clean needle exchange in Milwaukee in 2002 when he was the Milwaukee County Executive.  Fun fact: Scott Walker is infamous for killing collective bargaining rights and for shipping prisoners to private prisons in other states while simultaneously taking campaign money from those very same private prisons, but did you also know that he repealed Wisconsin’s comprehensive sex education and equal pay laws?   Just something to keep in mind if he runs for President next year.

Image result for the more you know

All I’m sayin’ is prevention over reaction, people.  You’d think fiscal conservatives would get that.

Update:  The Nation just wrote a great piece about this.


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