Sex Doll in China. No, not *that* kind of sex doll.

Nanjing has a brand-new sex education tool: a giant inflatable woman geared to teach children about reproduction. 

Several things about this:
1) There’s a ball pit in the chest cavity… is this because kids will need the stress relief after looking at all those reproduction cartoons (gods I wish those cartoons were posted somewhere on the internet… I’m assuming that cameras aren’t allowed inside, just as they’re not allowed inside Mao’s tomb) with mom and dad? 
2) Her name is Ba Di.  No, really.  
3) Check out that skanky top (in Korea, showing one’s shoulders and back is still considered taboo, so I’m wondering if there’s a similar taboo the same in China) and green hair.  Hippie westerners are bringing the sex to China!   
4) You go in through the right foot, learn about sex [sic], and then come out sinister.  Hahaha!  Symbolism.   

If you’re interested in learning something real about the current state of sex education in China (Did you know that jacking it makes you gay?), check out this excellent and recent article from The Nation.    


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