Question Mark

So I have this friend who inspires incredibly intense domination fantasies in my head.  What’s strange about this is that with this particular person, I’m the dominant in my fantasies – 95% of the time, it’s the other way around.  I am undoubtedly a bottom.  Not entirely submissive (though I thoroughly enjoy taking orders from the right person), not quite a masochist (though I do tremble with pleasure at a moderate amount of pain and can really get into sub space when I’m high on pain endorphins), but absolutely a bottom.  I can take control during play and sex, and I enjoy doing so once in a while, but it’s not my default and it’s certainly not what I fantasize about.

Which is why I find it so fascinating that I want to slap this guy so forcefully that it makes him crumble.  I want to pull his hair, tie his hands to the ceiling, and flog him so hard that he bleeds.  I want to spit in his mouth and verbally humiliate him.  I want to stick my boot heel into his mouth and tell him to lick it clean.  I want to tie up his cock and balls with a pretty pink bow, whisper dirty things into his ear, dance my fingers all over his body, and get him all riled up — but never let him come.  I want him to beg for more.  

I have no desire to hurt this guy, nor do I harbor any bad feelings toward him — in fact, he’s one of my closest friends, and I love him dearly.  There’s just this super subby energy that radiates out of him that makes me want to lean in close, barely graze his earlobe with my lips, and whisper, “Get on your fucking knees before I make you.” 



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