How I Learned to Stop Being a Prudish American and Love Foreskin (Dr. Cocklove?)

I admit it: foreskin used to freak me out.  I’m ashamed to say it now, but I totally bought in to the idea that it was aesthetically unpleasing and unclean.  I grew up in the Midwest, which has the highest circumcision rates in the US (possibly due in part to health insurance coverage, but also cause there are a whole bunch of white folks in the Midwest, and they tend to circumcise their kids at higher rates than people of other racial backgrounds do) and was born at a time when a large majority of parents in the States were circumcising their male children.  This means that most of the guys I slept with in my early to mid twenties were circumcised; the few fellas that weren’t were tipsy one-night stands or weekend flings wherein there was little foreplay.  Like Charlotte in Sex and the City. I wasn’t used to uncut guys and didn’t know what to do with an uncircumcised dick.  (For a show that purported to be sex-positive, it could be pretty fucking sex-negative at times – they dissed all kinds of awesome kinks, sexual practices, body types, and even sexual orientations.  But I digress.)

I didn’t fuck guys at all for a number of years; over that period of time, I became a lot more comfortable in my body and experimental in my sexuality and started reading a LOT of sex blogs and books.  For some reason, since I’ve started sleeping with men again, every single guy I’ve fucked has been uncut.  I haven’t been looking specifically for uncircumcised cocks, but they keep seeming to find me (hahaha – I’m now imagining some kind of dick-based RADAR).  Bangin’ a bunch of uncircumcised men in the past couple of years has taught me some things:
a)      In my personal experience (and I know, I know, everyone’s experience is different), intact guys last longer.  This may have more to do with age than foreskin, however.  In addition, when bunched-up foreskin hits my g-spot it feels fucking amazing, resulting in some pretty intense orgasms.
b)      Giving hand jobs is WAY BETTER with an intact penis.  Not only do you not need lube, but it’s so! much! fun! to roll foreskin up and down over the glans and the whole length of the shaft.
c)      Giving blow jobs is way more fun with foreskin present.  There are things you can do with your hands and your tongue while blowing an uncircumcised guy that you just can’t do with someone who’s cut. 
d)     Uncircumcised cocks are beautiful.  Period.

I have come to love foreskin.  So much, in fact, that I prefer uncircumcised dicks to circumcised.  I love the way it feels to roll it with my nimble fingers and the palms of my hands, to glide my tongue over it, under it, around it; I love the way it feels sliding along my labia and pushing past my lips and into my mouth.  If someone were willing to make and send me an “I heart foreskin” t-shirt, I’d gladly post photos of myself wearing it!   

In the past two decades, circumcision rates in the US have dropped; the national average now hovers around 50-60% (of newborn babies).  This is great news, and hopefully over time, uncircumcised penises will start to become the norm in the US.  At least they will by the time I become a cougar.

To my American friends: embrace the foreskin.  Love it.  Play with it.  Stroke it, lick it, roll it around in your hands.  It’s awesome.  

3 thoughts on “How I Learned to Stop Being a Prudish American and Love Foreskin (Dr. Cocklove?)

  1. This is a nice blog – horny & positive. But it also makes me feel slightly sad. I was circumcised for medical reasons. For a long time, I was very self-conscious about my circumcised cock – in this country, it is quite rare. Recently, the only lover I have been with who commented on my being circumcised has gone out of her way to say how much she prefers my circumcised cock. This has changed how I feel, quite powerfully. But your post reminds me of sensations & experiences I will have missed, & sensations I won't have been able to give others. Nothing is ever straightforward!


  2. Thank you for the lovely compliment, and my sincere apologies — I know that there are valid medical and religious reasons for circumcision. I wrote this mostly because of the horror most American women express at intact penises simply because they haven't interacted with one or because they've been taught that intact dicks are for some reason unhygienic. Truly, cocks in general are beautiful! I'm just relishing a new-found experience. 😀


  3. Hey – nothing to apologise for! Your original blog moved me to think aloud (as well as to think aroused!), & brought home to me all over again that sexual matters are always richly complex. I've been very lucky in having had wonderful opportunities to explore all sorts of sexual experiences, many of which I didn't even know that I wanted to try out – until I found myself trying them out! And, like you say, when you find yourself in the midst of these new experiences, you really have to relish them. 🙂


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