Sex in the Woods

We were headed down the mountain in the late afternoon, enjoying the sunshine filtering through the mostly still-green leaves.  The air smelled sweet, like California, and it was a perfectly pleasant day – warm, but not hot, with a mild wind blowing.  We’d been hiking for a few hours and were nearing our finishing point; we would intermittently stop to take in the scenery at a peak or viewpoint, wipe our foreheads of sweat, and kiss each other in the sunshine. 

I stopped to kiss him again in the middle of the woods when I saw that we were alone – a rarity on trails in Korea.  Before I could even put my lips on his – as soon as my hand touched his face – I felt it in my cunt. That hot, swollen, goddamn-I-want-you feeling.  I ran my hand down his chest and told him a bit breathlessly that I could feel my labia pulsing when I touched him.  “Well, there aren’t that many people around,” he said, and I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach.

We walked over to where a rope was separating the trail from the woods and climbed over it, finding another trail.  Walking along that trail brought us to a clearing, where we quite unexpectedly found more trail signs! We walked in a different direction through a thicket of bushes and trees until we came to another clearing with a big, V-shaped tree in it.  Looking around and seeing no signs and no people, we walked up to the tree, him behind me.  I reached behind me and quickly unclasped his belt before unbuttoning my own pants (as he barely slid his down) and pushing them just below my ass.  I placed my hips against the tree, leaning through the V.  I was so wet that he effortlessly slid into me; I held on to the two trunks to my left and right and pushed my body back against his. 

 I held tight to the rough bark, feeling it scratch my hips, and asked him to fuck me harder.  He plowed into me, placing one hand on the tree trunk for balance and gripping the back of one of my hips with the other.  In the middle of fucking, I saw a hiker walk along a trail downhill from us, about fifty meters away, which only made it hotter. As I got closer and closer to coming, I bit my own shoulder to keep from making noise, but I was unable to be completely silent; I still groaned and whimpered as quietly as I could.  Seeing this turned him on, and within a few minutes he was stifling his own sounds of pleasure.  I felt his cock twitch inside me as he came, and we both leaned against the tree, hot and breathless.  We laughed, delighted with our taboo woods sex, cleaned up, quickly pulled up our pants, and made our way back to the trail. 


I wish I’d taken a picture of that tree – or two trees, really, meeting at the base and growing together.    


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