Gobble Gobble

It’s that time of year, so here are five things I’m grateful for:

That spongy tissue on the front wall of my vagina that gets a boner when I’m turned on 
Image result for cute spongeSome call it the G-spot; some say it’s just the back end of the clitoris.  Some say we should call it an area instead of a spot.  Whatever you believe it is, I will preach from the mountain tops that it is a thing, and mine happens to help me have multiple orgasms.  This might deserve its own post, because it’s been really awesome lately.  Thanks, spongy tissue! 

Playing with foreskin is like driving a car with a manual transmission; once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you just never want to go back to automatic.

My sex-positive parents
Seriously, what parent hears their fifteen year-old daughter say, “Yo, I’m staying after school today to teach an HIV mini-lesson and give a condom demonstration” and replies, “Good on ya, honey?” 

Regular silicone toys!  Medical-grade silicone toys!  Silicone lube (I’m a huge fan of Pjur and Pink)!  Hot damn, silicone lube.  I want to do a whole-body silicone lube massage exchange where my partner and I buy a jumbo bottle of silicone lube, massage each other with liberal amounts of it, put a plastic sheet on the bed, and rub our bodies against each other.  Maybe with swim caps on.  We will be warm and happy, like dolphins in the Indian Ocean.  All the silicone.  All the time.  (But don’t mix silicone lube and silicone toys!)

Red wine 
Making people horny since whatever year it was invented.  Red wine goes straight to my cunt in a way that nothing else does, and come winter, it’s all red wine and whiskey – a girl’s gotta stay warm, you know?  Cheers!

(Mostly I’m grateful to have an adventurous, communicative, sexy, and supportive partner right now, but that deserves an entire post all on its own!)

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