The Silhouette Inside

I wanted to post this last week for the January windows prompt, but alas, I was on a series of three planes back to Korea.  I live on the 6th floor of a high rise building in the middle of downtown in a rather large city, and no one ever bothers looking up.  Too bad for them, ’cause I’ve done a lot of naughty things in this window…

See who else is letting us peek into their virtual windows – 


Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “The Silhouette Inside

  1. I shot this on a timer from inside my apartment; I'm standing behind my window blind so that the people outside the building can see me (or could, if anyone ever bothered looking up at the windows!). ^^


  2. Such a delightfully teasing image. I love the thought that we are glimpsing something illicit, but can't make out exactly what. And now I'm imagining the many naughty things you've done in the window. 🙂


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