Natural Woman

I was sitting in a BBQ restaurant with The Texan last year, chatting about my newfound appreciation of pubic hair.  He’s really into it; when we first met, I wasn’t.  Until I came to Korea, I shaved everything.  I only stopped shaving my pubic mound when I started noticing the old ladies in the gym shower staring unabashedly at my crotch, wondering what terrible travesty had happened to make all of my hair fall out (or perhaps thinking, “Why would someone do that on purpose?!”).  Shaving / waxing isn’t much of a thing in Korea, so most of the ladies here have lush, glorious bushes. 
I, on the other hand, grew up in a culture that demands its women be perfectly plucked and hairless, so I came to Korea bare.  When The Texan asked me to grow it out, I was uncomfortable at first.  “I don’t know,” I said.  “I’ve been shaving for over a decade.”  Cool, he said, buuuut it would really turn him on if I let it grow a little bit.  So I did.  I let it grow out for a whole month – until I had a date with someone else and shaved it off again.  And I was surprised a few days in how much I wish I hadn’t.  My vulva felt cold and itchy and generally unpleasant.  I realized there are benefits to having pubic hair – I’ll never scratch a partner during that phase in between shaves; my crotch doesn’t look like that of a pre-pubescent girl; much less maintenance is involved.  It’s actually pretty darn nice.     
One day in the shower, he asked why I shaved.  I told him that I like the way it feels; that it wasn’t for my partners, it was for me.  I told him I shave because I want to.  And I dolove the day of and the first day after shaving where I’m all silky smooth; it feels better when I masturbate because my skin is more sensitive, and it feels amazing to the touch.  But a few days after shaving, it doesn’t feel so great.  I don’t want to shave too often because I don’t want my precious puss to get razor bumps, and I’ve never even considered waxing because of the price.  After not shaving for a month and then shaving it off for my date, I started rethinking my previous stance.  Was I really doing this for me?  Or was I doing it for what I perceived my partners wanted?  Once a partner actually directly stated what he was into and I tried it, it turned out that I really liked it.  Or at least, to a point.  If The Texan had his way, my cunt would be a woolly mammoth; once it gets to be a little too woodsy down there, I start deforesting.  I mean, I do wear a swimsuit in public at times.
Anyway, the BBQ restaurant.  I was telling him how much I was enjoying letting my pubic hair grow out, and I made a joke that I liked it so much I was going to write a song about it.  His laughter only encouraged this absurd line of reasoning, and so all of this is to say I wrote a song parody about pubic hair… which I’ll be posting next week. 

Anticipation breeds appreciation, right?

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