One thing leads to another… (NSFR)

So you know when you’re taking dirty pictures of yourself… 

… and you get a sudden urge to masturbate RIGHT NOW?

What’s even better is when that wank leads into a “Hmm… my camera is already set up; why not make a video for my sweetheart?” leads into “I should also probably try this new sex toy that I bought myself recently” leads into “and add this other sex toy.”  

P.S.  Jilling it (sorry, Jill) while wearing wrist restraints is surprisingly hot.  

P.P.S. The Korean word for vagina is pronounced Jill, so it’s kind of an apt term.  

Check out other fun pics by clicking on the lips below:

Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “One thing leads to another… (NSFR)

  1. I have zero self control when it comes to wanking. I had a contest once with a former partner and lost five days in! (Coincidentally, while I was taking dirty pics of myself to send to him to try to break him.)

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  2. Oh! Hahahaha I'm glad Jill approves – I hope she's proud that her name means “vagina” in Korean! Better to have approval than disapproval. Then again, if disapproval leads to a good spanking (flogging, caning…), I'll gladly take it.

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  3. awakenedgentleman

    Here in 2018 we’ve talked about you taking a short skirt bend over picture. Seeing the first photo shows me that your bent over ass is every bit as sexy as I thought it be. And the restraints only make it hotter. Mmmmm


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