Let it Grow

Last week, I wrote about the origin story of these lyrics; here they be!

(To be sung to the tune of that D*sn*y song you couldn’t escape from for at least a year):

The lights glow bright on my bare crotch tonight
Not one hair to be seen
But resembling prepubescence
Is really not my thing

You’d think avoiding lice and crabs is worth the pain,
But once you shave it all you gotta keep going

Once you start it’s so easy
Get past the itch and you will see
And yes, the process might be slow
But worth a go

Let it grow; let it grow
Don’t shave it off anymore
Let it grow; let it grow
Throw your razors out the door
I don’t care what they’re going to say
Let those pubes grow out
Big bush is accepted here anyway

You think that having wild hair
Will make your junk seem small
But when you put your dick inside me
Don’t feel that way at all

Hair growth won’t change what you can do,
And it feels good to run my fingers through
It’s a much softer ride for me
So I feel free to

Let it grow; let it grow
Put your face in my furry pie
Let it grow; let it grow
Wave razor bumps goodbye
Here they sprout, and here they’ll stay
Let those pubes grow out…

My power bush is big just like the seventies
I’d pluck some errant hairs, but only if you beg me please
I want to bring the trend back to the recent past
I’m never going back; these pubic hairs will last!

Let it grow; let it grow
That baby crotch is gone
Let it grow; let it grow
Like a wild and untamed lawn
Here they sprout in the light of day
Let those pubes grow out – big bush is accepted here anyway.

I’m thinking I should write several more of these and record them on an album called Disney After Dark… but it’s possible that’s already been done.

If you are an excellent singer (or a terrible singer; I’m no judge!) and want to make a video of yourself or an audio file of yourself singing this, I’ll post a link to it on this page!

If you want to re-post these lyrics, great!  Please include a link to this page.

Disclaimer: I love bare vulvas.  I had one for several years, and I think they’re beautiful.  If you’ve got a naked crotch, I’m not dissing it!  ❤


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