A Winter Tale

It was one in the morning when Heather – beautiful Heather with the high cheekbones, toned arms, and loosely-flowing honey-colored hair – grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the pub and into the building’s lobby, an entrance to said pub and a music venue next door.  A place that hundreds of people walk through every weekend.  She casually leaned against the wooden paneling on the wall and pulled me in toward her; I was shocked and thrilled and confused (did I mention she was also straight Heather?) and my heart stopped beating momentarily.  She brushed her lips against mine, still holding my hand, which she then slid into her panties.  I moved my fingers down through the slippery folds of her labia, holding my breath, wondering if this was really happening.  I gently pushed my hand further into her panties, sliding my two middle fingers into her while rubbing her clit with the heel of my hand; she moaned softly and closed her eyes, letting her body relax.  For a minute.  Then she swiftly undid the buttons on her pants and gave me a sultry look; it took me zero seconds to get on my knees and slide her turquoise panties to the side so I could run my tongue from her fourchette up to and over her clitoris and then back down again, eagerly tasting her.  I spread her labia with my fingers and pressed my lips to hers, gently sucking her clit before licking her again.  I felt her hips tense up and move ever so slightly as she placed one hand on my head, caressing my hair.  She tasted sweet and sour and wonderful, and I let her juices stick to my lips, completely oblivious to the fact that we were in a seriously public, well-lit place.  She wasn’t quite as oblivious; as quickly as it started, it was over; she was tapping my shoulder, telling me we should get back inside before someone caught us.  I looked up at her and smiled from the cold floor, tracing my fingers up her vulva as I stood.  Okay, I said, wolfishly licking my lips.  We walked back into the bar as normally as we would have had we just gone for a smoke, sat down with our friends, ordered a shot, and continued talking.  She never brought it up again – in fact, I only ever saw her once again – but it was a lovely shared moment on a winter evening long ago.            

And I leave you with that, internet friends.  I’m heading to warmer climes on Friday morning and will return in March!  Wish me luck on getting some travel booty; I haven’t had sex in SO LONG (okay, it’s only been a month, but it feels like forever). 

Stay warm, everyone!


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