Filling out my voter registration form…

I bought the panties in Thailand of all places!
Fingers crossed, my registration will go through in time for the primary.  There’s nothing so sexy as participation in the democratic (yes, yes, I know it’s not a true democracy…) process, so get out the vote, people!
For more sexy images, click on the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Paperwork

  1. As a regular voter who regularly finds himself extolling the virtues of participating in the process to others, I suspect I might be able to convey the importance of voting by simply linking them to this post. I'd love to join you in the booth sometime! 😉


  2. I want those panties! And I always vote and I mean always. I am Brit but my husband in an American and I have sent him your post, saying, are you doing this? (and I don't mean posing in shit hot Stars and Stripes panties either)



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