My very, very favorite thing to do is go blues dancing.  More than driving on lost highways.  More than eating the toastiest bagel on a winter day.  More than sex.

Yes.  More than sex.

Dancing with a good partner is what makes me feel most alive and in my body.  It makes me feel graceful and beautiful and sassy and carefree and so incredibly intimately connected to my partner, even if (s)he is a total stranger.

I’d take a great dance over good sex and a good dance over mediocre sex any day.

I desperately wish people still went dancing on dates.
For lots more favorites, click the lips below!
Sinful Sunday
*Sorry for the crap quality of the photos; they’re stills from a video shot in a dark swing dancing venue.


19 thoughts on “Connection

  1. It's been years since the last time I danced. I used to love it too and I was quite good at it. When my first husband and I danced, people stood to the side to give us the room and watch us. Dancing indeed is great!

    Rebel xox


  2. I love dancing too. The connection and the heat within the moment is something more than what sex is. You've captured it perfect with the first image. Also I think the quality heightens the feeling to remind me of that connection you have while dancing. Great images.


  3. We still go dancing! We even went before we were married! Actually, before we were married we took a couple years of professional dance classes. We'd go dancing with you guys anytime. 🙂


  4. I completely agree with you. I wish dancing on dates was still a thing. I love dancing, often at the gym I can be found having a little groove to the music on my phone. Oddly I rarely spot anyone else doing it but people seem to smile when they see me doing it. My other dance place is in the kitchen, when I am cooking. Somehow the two go together for me.



  5. I know what you mean about dancing with a good partner… nothing like that feeling that you are the greatest thing in the world at that moment. You have brought up some happy moments as I reminisce. Also good for sex.

    I've no clue how to sign in to comment… This Elliott Henry


  6. Thank you! I've for sure had moments of tension and intensity in dancing that are different than anything I've had while being sexual. Dancing is more sensual for me… something about moving together effortlessly with another human being that feels divine.


  7. Me too – on all accounts! I dance *all* the time in public. Lots of Korean people think I'm a novelty anyway because I'm a , so I might as well be as strange as I want. I also love dancing in my living room – with a partner or without.


  8. People DO still go dancing on dates! 🙂

    Where I live, there is an entire dance culture and the community is surprisingly welcoming. It's quite an eclectic group of people.

    Now, being good on the dance floor…? THAT takes special skill (which I haven't got). We took lessons in the past, but these days my husband and I just throw our own moves together and freestyle; it's great exercise, and hella sexy – 2 for 1! 🙂

    Love your photos, and your take on the topic!


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