Strawberry Season

One of my favorite things about living in Korea is that the produce sold in the markets (and usually in the grocery stores, too) is seasonal; some fruits and veggies appear for a month or two, then vanish.  When strawberry season hits, you have to nom on them quickly before they disappear!

Click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday!

Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “Strawberry Season

  1. Mmmm strawberries, such a sensual fruit. I love that top image, there is something almost gothic about it. I think it is the contrast with your pale skin and the bright red of the fruit



  2. Anonymous

    This is so sexy! I love the way your hair just shows in tendrils behind the action of your bite. It makes it even more like we just caught you in a illicit moment, sneaking strawberries 🙂 – MariaSibylla


  3. That's funny, because I never, EVER wear lipstick; I wanted to put some on for this photo, but I didn't have any! For the first shot I'm wearing chapstick with eyeshadow matted on my lips. ><


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