I didn’t have time to take a photo for the prompt this week (the end of the semester is always busy); however, I remembered that I had an old photo taken in my apartment years ago before heading to the Dore Alley Fair in San Francisco.  I had a friend visiting from Wisconsin and taking her to Dore on a leash was absolutely delightful… especially given that I was hiding a secret under my leather skirt.  You never know what’s underneath, ladies and gentlemen, unless you ask politely.

For other secrets, click the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. No one asked, but that didn't stop me from showing it off! Specifically, any time I saw someone masturbating on the street (which is a common occurrence at Dore), I'd stand next to them, lift my skirt, and start sliding my hand up and down the dildo – it was a big hit!


  2. I haven't changed much – at least in terms of being someone who likes to dress in leather and wear a strap-on in public. =) Folsom is amazing, but Dore doesn't (well… didn't) have tourists or gawkers.


  3. So hot! Love the hidden surprise. Also, we had no idea you ever lived in our area, and now I'm wondering if we might have unknowingly crossed paths at Dore Alley, as I've been a couple times.


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