Momentary Perspectives

In the past year, I’ve come to really love my pubic hairafter having a partner (The Texan) who didn’t want me to shave it, ever.  It was as if having permission to let it growout – a permission that stemmed from desire – allowed me to experience how good it felt.  I love the way it feels physically when I push my fingers through it, how protective it feels, and how it’s come to be symbolic of a love that embraced a natural version of myself, just as I am.  For so many years, I’d shaved because I thought that was what was expected of me – I lived with the razor bumps and itchiness and never stopped to consider my own feelings.  It took a partner’s preference to make me reflect on my own.
I thought about writing a narrative piece for this, but when I think of pubic hair, several small and fleeting moments and memories pop into my head all at once, disjointed:
          a friend with benefits refusing to go down on me (that didn’t last long) because he thought shaved vulvas were pre-pubescent in appearance and it freaked him out;
          the first time I saw a shaved cock and balls and how much it freaked me out.  I didn’t say anything, but I was surprised and a little bit turned off.  Obviously not surprised anymore, but it’s still not my thing;
          a former partner who loved having her pubic hair tugged, just a little, while being eaten out, which was super hot;
          randomly finding The Texan’s pubic hairs all over my apartment and smiling every time, even weeks after he left;
          experiencing the different textures of the hair of different partners and relishing those differences
          running my fingers through the soft mound of hair that grows and grows when I travel (along with some pretty luxurious armpit hair, which I also really like growing out);  
          burying my face in a partner’s pubic hair after particularly sweaty sex to deeply inhale the scent of our fucking
Maybe that’s it.  Pubic hair catches the smell of us moving together in sync.  Maybe that’s why I’ve come to love it.  Or maybe it was finding one hidden behind my couch and suddenly remembering riding him, wave after wave of orgasm crashing down around me.  What was once a burden is now a deep well of pleasure, a replenishing source of desire.


8 thoughts on “Momentary Perspectives

  1. I am an adamant advocate of “whatever makes YOU feel most comfortable” when it comes to the question of To shave or not to shave…?

    I'm a fan of natural bodies, and variations on hirsute are nothing if not natural. But if my partner prefers otherwise – for themselves; to be clear, no one tells me what to do with my own body, it is mine and mine alone – more power to them.

    Shaving a partner can be an incredibly intimate act. Tugging at their pubic hair, equally so.

    I sometimes hear (or see – because, internet) people comment about how they will not go down on a woman who isn't shaved or how pubic hair is gross/unattractive/insert-negative-perspective-here, and it makes me… I dunno, sad? Irritated? Something. Something nebulous and seething and disappointed in human beings.

    This goes so far beyond the issue of pubic hair, but: Our bodies are made the way they are for a reason. Lumps, bumps, angles, planes, hair or lack thereof, I wish more people would – could – embrace themselves in their naturalness.


  2. I wholeheartedly agree: you do you when it comes to body hair. I love my own, but I'd never tell someone else to shave or grow their hair out. I love my partners' bodies in whatever way they choose to groom them (or not) because they belong to my partners!


  3. I love this, you write about your pubic hair in such a sensual way. I love my shaved cunt but I love seeing pubes on other people and yes, definitely always on men and you are so right about the smell



  4. Isn't it wonderful how we all have differing perspective. I don't know how you could put up with pubes, they're so hot and itchy! But I do agree with you about pubescent on men, they look somewhat strange without them.


  5. Edward645

    You make a powerful, exciting argument for pubic hair. As mentioned above, I believe the most important aspect is your own preference, followed closely by your partner’s.
    I do remember very clearly that my first wife (never shaved) was reluctant for me to go down on her post-fucking, UNTIL I did it once! I think after that, she desired the fucking to be quick so I would find my down to continue her pleasure (and my own)! The aroma of our energies was overwhelming to me.
    My lover now shaves her labia, but not her pubic mound. Perhaps that offers me the best of everything? Bottom (???) line, I would never demand a partner shave or not for my own personal agenda.

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