Double Vision

Jack sat cross-legged next to their tree and shook the bright-red foil-covered package playfully.  “Bigger than a cock ring,” he mused.  “And you know that’s all I really wanted for Christmas.”  Rita laughed from her recliner, her curls bouncing slightly with each convulsion of her body.  “Just open it, jackass,” she retorted. 
He ripped the paper carelessly, threw it aside, and opened the lid of the small shoebox inside to reveal a dull orangeish-red View-Master.  “You got me a toy?” he asked.  “Is it from the Penney’s catalogue?”  He picked it up to inspect it more closely, noticing there was a round photo slide reel inserted in the top.  “If this is a snuff film, I’m going to be very upset,” he told Rita with a smirk.  “Let’s hope it’s not, then,” she replied. 
Jack took off his large, square glasses and held the small toy up to his eyes, bringing into view a photo of Rita clear as day – Rita in the same flannel robe she was wearing at this moment, standing in front of him, looking into the camera while untying it.  He grinned and took the View-Master away from his eyes.  “You’re a clever – ” he began, but was startled to see Rita standing in front of him in the middle of their brown shag carpet, beginning to untie her robe.  He laughed.  “I see,” he said.  He held the plastic stereoscope to his eyes once more, felt for the lever on the right side of it, and pulled.
The next photo featured Rita with her robe draped around her shoulders, revealing a scarlet teddy that hugged her curves.  He felt the blood rush to his cock as he looked at his wife, looking back at him through the lens, looking back at him hungrily in real life as he took the toy away.  “Red is your color,” he said huskily, now excited to see the next photo.
He pulled the lever again to see Rita looking over her right shoulder with a wicked smile, her nipples hard and visible under the thin fabric, her robe now around her ankles.  Jack looked into the corner of the image to see what she was looking at, and his breath caught in his throat – standing in the doorway between their living room and the hallway was their neighbor, Rob.  Tall, lean, and confident, he had one hand on each side of the doorway, looking back at Rita. 
Jack glanced the photo quick as lighting for what he was hoping to see – and there she was, standing in the other doorway connecting their dining room.  Carol.  They had always called Rob and Carol “The Golden Couple” because of their deep tans and golden hair.  The four of them grilled together on holidays when they weren’t required to be with family; they played tennis together.  They laughed at each other’s jokes and eyed each other’s spouses when they thought no one was looking.  Suddenly, Jack had a memory of sitting in bed with Rita one night not too long ago, talking in hushed tones about their fantasies.  About what they wanted to do before they had kids.  Jack had said that he often thought about what it would be like to be with the most perfect couple they’d ever known – did Rob have a golden cock, too?  Was Carol’s bush as honey-sweet as her hair?
Overwhelmed with sudden nervousness and desire, Jack lowered the View-Master to see Carol standing to his right in a men’s pajama top and soft blue cotton panties, biting her lip and breathing hard, her hand on her stomach.  His eyes moved over to Rob, still standing in the doorway to his left, shirtless and smiling at him.  Finally, he looked at Rita, whose eyes burned and flashed as she nodded ever so slightly.  He brought the stereoscope back to his eyes slowly and once again put his index finger on the lever, his cock now straining against his own drawstring pajama bottoms. 
He pulled.  There stood Rita with her legs spread shoulder-width apart and Rob on his knees in front of her, pulling the crotch of her teddy to the side to lap at her glistening lips, blooming and red like the satin against her skin.  Behind her, Carol had one hand cupped around Rita’s breast and the other pulling her auburn curls away from her shoulder to brush her lips against it, sending chills up and down Rita’s body.
Jack let the toy tumble to the floor.    

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