La Patria

This photo was an accident, but it ended up being my favorite of the bunch.
I’ll be leaving Korea in February and returning to the States; I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about this major transition in my life, as I’ve been here for seven years.  I have a strong community and roots here, but I don’t feel like my work is having any impact on anyone, and that’s not why I became a teacher.  I’m homeward bound in less than a year; moving toward half of the people I love and away from the other half.  Toward my motherland (la matria?) where my blood and my heart lie, and away from so many people who have a huge place in my heart.  Talk about change. 

As an aside, I took this photo at 6:00 am next to a temple, and a monk saw me in my skivvies, sooooo… that happened.
See who else is changing…
Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “La Patria

  1. Such an intriguing photo . . . and I keep scrolling back and looking over and over again.
    And intriguing words too . . . I think we know within ourselves when the time, for change, is right. Wishing you every success with your repatriation!
    Oh, and as well as being curious about the detail in your photo, I'm also curious as to the reaction of that Monk ???
    Xxx – K


  2. I can imagine that it won't be easy to leave Korea behind after having lived there for 7 years. However, I hope you will be very happy in the States and will find places there too where you can make sexy images like this!

    Rebel xox


  3. Now that is a change… but if your work is no longer satisfying, then the right thing to do. You can always go back for a visit, and some friends may come visit you here. Good Karma to you, Jo.

    p.s. I'm sure you made Mr Monk's day…


  4. Thanks! I think so, too. I know it's time to go… but the realization that I'm *actually* leaving is just starting to creep up on me. The monk just looked up, quickly looked away, and kept walking – very respectful, of course.


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