A bit of sunshine

I hate my birthday.  Not because I hate birthdays or getting older; I LOVE celebrating other peoples’ birthdays and often make cakes, send cards and small packages by mail, and call friends. I always remember.

Which is why it’s so painful that the people I love most never remember mine.  I’m not on Facebook and my birthday isn’t on any social media, so no one’s getting e-notifications.  I’m always so grateful that I have an amazing sister and mom who remember, and they send cards and call, making me feel loved… but every year I go to sleep feeling pretty crummy that most of my friends and partners forgot.

My birthday this year was one of those days when everything went wrong from the minute I woke up; I had a terrible morning.  In the afternoon, I was running late to my second job because there’s a transportation strike happening, and I was stressed about time and making sure I had everything I needed for lessons.  I rushed in, opened my classroom door, and:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JO!” screamed eleven elementary school kids as they jumped out from behind the furniture, spraying fake snow everywhere.  They had decorated the classroom beautifully and made a huge card full of loving notes and drawings.  And I sobbed.  I just lost it – I’ve wanted a surprise party my whole life, and it came from the most unexpected place.  They stared at me, confused. I tried to tell them my tears were happy tears as I kept crying, and they were like, “Teacher, smile! It is a happy day!”  It was a gorgeous, shining moment in an otherwise long and draining day… being a teacher is  so validating sometimes.  I love my students like they’re my children, and when they love me back, it’s the best feeling in the whole world.

birthday-chalkboard 20160928_144511




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