One of my favorite places to fuck is on the kitchen counter – I still remember my first time having sex on one.  I had a partner over for dinner; as I was cutting vegetables, he came up behind me and started kissing me. I turned around and hopped up; he slid his hands up my skirt to discover that I wasn’t wearing panties, and that was that.


Doing tricep dips at the gym comes in handy; I use my arm muscles to lower myself onto his cock, then raise back up.


But I also love getting up on my tip toes and bending over the cold surface.


And I especially love that the cabinets above mine have bars to hold onto while I’m being pounded.

Sinful Sunday

30 thoughts on “Counter

  1. jerusalemmortimer

    Really lovely photos. (Especially the third, for me, though I seem to have some sort of thing for women in aprons, especially if not much else.) But they’re all hot!

    Happy new year!

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  2. Krystal Minx

    Can I ask a silly question?…You say you are in the kitchen, but because I am a “detail” person, I have to ask about the washing machine in the kitchen. Is this a cultural thing?
    Not to take away from the sexiness of all your pics, I love the apron idea, and I will have to do my own version of this theme soon!

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    1. lapsedcatholicwife

      Love these pictures and the descriptive writing, your fitness is amazing. And the idea of sex just happening brilliant. Krystal Minx we have our washing machine in the kitchen, sometimes we have utility rooms but it is quite normal in the UK

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    2. Ha – it is! A lot of apartments in Korea have a washing machines (most apartments don’t have dryers; most folks just hang their laundry to dry) underneath kitchen counters or in the bathroom.

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  3. @BibblyBobbily

    Loving the images. In all my years, i have to say.. i have never experienced countertop sex. I may have to put it on my bucket list for this year. Happy New Year to you. x

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    1. Do it – it’s SO hot! There’s something about fucking on the counter that makes it feel urgent to me – like you want the other person so bad that you can’t wait to make it to a piece of furniture.

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  4. I’ve never done it on the counter, but did it on the breakfast table, maybe that doesn’t count. Love the middle photo! And what’s on that apron… trees? Happy New Year, Jo.

    The first time I ever saw sex on a kitchen cabinet was in the movie Deep Throat… funny scene.

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    1. Yes! I had a fantasy for years about being fucked while washing the dishes (thanks, erotica!) and finally had a partner who made it come true five years ago; we even dressed up in vintage clothes!


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