25 thoughts on “Quickie

    1. It’s been going great! Surprisingly well, actually, for a relationship in which I’m not having sex. I told a friend recently that I was seeing this guy, and his response was, “You know what? You could use a little romance in your life.” ^^

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  1. Lots of compliments on your haricut, which I’m sure is lovely. But I can’t help thinking that no one’s paid you any compliments on your tits. Am I really the only person a) to have noticed them, and b) who thinks they’re more than worthy of a compliment or two? I just love how your nips are showing through your shirt. So sexy!

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    1. It feels like all the freedom! Ha. Much easier to maintain, which will be great when I only have cold water showers and no room in my pack for a real hairbrush. ^^


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