Sweet Spots


As most of you know, this is my last Sinful Sunday for a good long while.  I will miss posting, but much more than that, I will miss seeing all of your stunning and creative photographs.  Will try to check in when I can and perv on all of you to the best of my ability.  Lots of love!

Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “Sweet Spots

  1. lapsedcatholicwife

    What a lovely hiatus photograph, I wish you a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you check in. I have always appreciated your comments and encouragement and writing x

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    1. Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and am excited to see what you have in store to see and read when I get back to the States (well – hopefully before!).


    1. Thanks – I’ll do my best to travel safe. 🙂 I will *really* miss seeing your daily posts (and the many, many lady boners they give me), but will pop in whenever I come across an internet cafe. I’m traveling smack in the middle of rainy season, soooo that might be more often than I think! xx

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  2. I will miss your beautiful images while you are traveling but I hope you have a fabulous time and maybe take a few images while you are away to treat us all with when you finally get back home


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    1. Thank you. I will miss yours immensely – always look forward to seeing what photographic genius you have in store every week. ❤ I'll certainly try to take pictures! I don't do the photo scavenger hunt, but I feel like there will be so many scavenger hunt possibilities on this trip. I hope Eroticon is a smashing success!!! xx


    1. Thanks so much, Marie. I’ll do my best to stay safe and maybe even write a bit while I’m gone. Thank you for your badass community building, and I’ll miss your posts and photos as well… will try to pop in when I can!


    1. I have SO loved looking at and reading your posts – your images are always creative and words honest and thought-provoking. Will try to take photos on the trip! xx


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