Deep, Dark Places

Caves really freak some people out — there are a lot of folks uncomfortable with the dark, with small spaces, with bats and blind, transparent creepy crawlies.

love caves.  They’ve always felt like comforting, safe spaces to me.  Thrown into total darkness, the cool, still, and damp air barely flowing over me, hearing bats and birds squeak near the entrances, I feel calm.  Running my fingers over rocks that grow, I’m awed at how alive caves are.  How many green things can grow inside of them. How many creatures can thrive in a challenging environment.

I feel relaxed in caves…

Sinful Sunday

25 thoughts on “Deep, Dark Places

  1. I like caves – when they’re big enough and I can see the way out! Your photo evoked happy memories of a similar experience I had in a forrest (which was much more expansive i.e. less claustrophobic)

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    1. Wow – a very sincere thank you. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m doing outdoorsy things – sexy because I’m strong! I like that you see vulnerability in this, too, because I was definitely feeling that as you never know when other tourists might pop in!


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