Reunited, and it felt So. Good.

I’m not super into giving head.  I have chronic jaw pain; keeping my mouth open for a long time, let alone taking something into my mouth for a long time, can be a pretty painful experience.  I do relish deep throating and giving sultry glances upward before sliding my tongue alongside the length of a hard cock, just… not for a long time.  Almost never enough for the person I’m blowing to come.  And I know, I know: orgasms aren’t the objective of sex (for me, anyway), oral sex feels amazing without coming, I shouldn’t have to grimace through my own pain to give someone else pleasure, etc.  I know.  It’s just – sometimes I really want my loved ones to blow a load in my mouth, you know?

So when The Engineer suggested that he hold off masturbating for a week leading up to our reunion, I was pumped because I could not wait to have him jizz into the back of my throat.

We hadn’t seen each other in two months; it was nearly impossible to keep our hands off each other at the Dublin airport and on our way to our first AirBnB in the middle of the countryside, but we did.  When we arrived, we kept giving each other frustrated glances as the host chatted to us forever about the house and the history of the area, how we met and why we were traveling, etc.  I had his dick in my mouth moments after she drove away; he was sitting on a swing in the backyard and I was on my knees in the grass, holding onto his hips with my hands while sliding my lips down and over his head and along the length of his shaft.  My pleasure is deeply intertwined with my partner’s, so when I felt him grabbing the back of my head and heard him groan, it spurred me to take him deeper; I felt myself get wet as he told me not to stop, and I moaned in gratification when he came into my mouth in spurts just minutes after I’d started teasing his dick.

I was happy – but not as happy as I was when ten minutes later I was lying on my back on a little green hill with his face buried in my vulva.  I had also participated in the Week(ish) Without a Wank, and I came fast and hard, squeezing his head between my thighs and pressing upward into his lapping tongue.

It was a beautiful day, and being outside naked in the fresh country air was the perfect way to start a holiday that would mark the end of long journeys for both of us.  Later in the week, when we told other people the name of the town we’d visited first, they would reply, “Why would you ever go there?  There’s absolutely nothing to do!” And we would just smile and say, “We just wanted to be in the middle of nowhere, you know?”

Besides, we found plenty to do.



6 thoughts on “Reunited, and it felt So. Good.

  1. Melinda & Paul

    There is NOTHING like having hot semen pulsing into my mouth while giving my man such pleasure! His orgasms are more for me than they are for him. I WANT his cum inside me and in my mouth! Heaven!

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  2. Sounds like the perfect place for your reunion, Jo. And on a swing no less! Loved your story and happy for you.

    My second wife had a jaw like that, but loved to stroke me and suck the head of my cock between her lips when I began to spurt. And like The Engineer I loved returning the favor.

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  3. May

    Great reunion- my pleasure is also intertwined with how my partner reacts. I do love giving head but have to admit don’t really like him cumming in my mouth, on my mouth or face fine but just not in it… I bet you had an amazing session – 2 mths is a long time.

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    1. SUCH a long time… and I don’t get to see him again until November now (he’s in England and I’m in the US). It feels like forever! I’m not usually into having someone come in my mouth because I’m not into the taste of most semen, but I love receiving oral sex, so I feel it’s only fair!

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