Hitchin’ a Ride

Do you think a nice driver would pick me up if I were lost on some lonesome highway?

Looks pretty empty to me… might have to stop to enjoy the scenery for a while.

Maybe it would help if I stuck my thumb out!

Sinful Sunday

Fun note: A truck driver actually did turn onto this road as I was walking toward my clothes, which I’d unceremoniously flung onto the grass; I had to pick them up and press them to me as The Engineer tried to hide me!

20 thoughts on “Hitchin’ a Ride

  1. I love these pictures. Very subtle – at first its hard to tell how much or how little you’ve got on… I reckon that truck driver might have had a tale to tell when he got home. Lovely thanks…
    Indie x

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  2. jerusalemmortimer

    Reminds me a little of the scene where Claudette Colbert teaches Clark Gable how to hitch a ride in “It Happened One Night.”

    Anyway, you’d stop traffic anywhere!

    Love photos, as well as being lots of fun!

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