Things Are Looking Up

finally got the claim processed from when my camera got stolen in Spain, which means there’s a camera coming my way; until it arrives, you’re all stuck with these low-res phone shots.  Hope you don’t mind the quality of the picture, my darlings!

Sinful Sunday
P.S. I took this photo a few weeks ago… and then saw this photo posted by Holden and Camille and thought, “Oh, right – I have that one picture from the bathroom…”  Thanks for reminding me, guys! 😀

28 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

  1. Fabulous angle and I love those fishnets! I actually like the low res stuff – but then I would given that my iPhone is the only thing that’s working ATM. But I do second the request above!

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    1. I think iPhones take better pictures than most (if not all) point and shoot cameras! I, however, have a lowly Samsung. I love my phone, but the camera on it is pretty trash.


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