Something Wicked…

So Molly and I took a walk in the woods this summer, and of course I got naked, because that’s what one does when in nature with Molly.  She sent me all these beautiful, verdant, sun-dappled, big-blue-skied photos… and while I love them all, this one jumped out immediately as my favorite, because all of my life I’ve loved all things spooky, creepy, haunting, and dark above all else – to the degree that I sometimes think my parents should have been a little worried when I was young.

My dreams of the woods are more The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (which is a fantastic book, btw) and less teddy bear picnics.  Sweet dreams, everyone.  Halloween is coming.

Sinful Sunday

18 thoughts on “Something Wicked…

  1. It was such a fabulous day and like you I LOVE this shot. As you said to me in email it has a slight Gollum feel to it and I think we have the same love of spooky, eerie, disturbing images


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