Work in Progress

I love butt stuff.  Plugs, fingers, vibrating plugs, rimming, beads, plugs of various shapes and sizes, pegging, and – have I mentioned plugs?  I love them.  That said – anal sex isn’t really my thing.

Having a partner slide a finger into my ass while licking my puss?  Definitely my thing, and my clitoral orgasms are so much more intense when combined with anal stimulation.  I often incorporate beads and plugs when I wank, especially to tip me over the edge.  Riding a partner’s dick with a vibrating butt plug in so he can feel the vibrations through my vaginal wall?  Absofuckinglutely.  I often fantasize about double penetration – sitting on a dick reverse cowgirl style and lying back on that gent while having another fuck me missionary style while other people watch.  Giving languid analingus at the end of a long body massage makes me drip, and putting on a strap-on, making it goopy and slick with lube, and sliding it into a wriggling ass that can’t wait to be penetrated, only to hear a deep groan of satisfaction, makes my heart pound.  PIA, though?  That I could take or leave.

Then again – maybe I just haven’t given it a fair shot.  The first time I tried anal was in uni; we lubed up, used fingers first as a warm up, and… it was good.  Not great, but good.  The second time we tried I really got into it.  Then one night my boyfriend was pounding me hard from behind and his dick accidentally slipped into my ass (yes, this really does happen); it hurt so bad that I didn’t want to try anal with him again.  I tried with another partner a year later, and then didn’t do it again until a decade later when I started dating The Texan, and then only once.  I think that part of it is that I’ve gone on dates and had one-night stands with a lot of men who want to fuck me in the ass, but would never in a million years allow themselves to be pegged – and that just doesn’t sit right with me.  If someone expects me to take their cock in my rectum but won’t even try a finger in theirs to see what it feels like, they’re probably out the door.

Anal sex is not a casual sex activity for me.  It’s something I’ve only ever wanted to do in relationships in which I feel I can really trust my partner to pull back, slow down, or stop if I feel uncomfortable – so maybe now is a good time to give it another try.  A noble goal for 2018.  The Engineer and I are keen (but he also has quite a sizable cock, which makes me a bit nervous), and it’s something we talk about doing often; I’ll make working up to it a goal for our next visit.  “Let’s go home so you can put it in my butt” would probably make a welcome airport greeting, don’t you think?

13 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. I absolutely live by the “you first” rule with men who want to have anal sex. If he’s open to me going there first I am confident that he’s going to be patient and thoughtful when he returns the favor. Too many guys think it’s a quick, casual or simple thing for all women (I blame shitty porn) when really it’s a fairly delicate and sophisticated procedure especially the first time with a partner. Great post – thanks for sharing!

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  2. kinkyandperky

    Excellent piece, as ever – it’s a well placed shot about guys’ double standards over anal sex, wanting to give but not receive. After all, there is *genuine* equality between the sexes over arse ownership…

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  3. I totally agree with Violets comment about porn and lots of men thinking it is simple when in fact it takes a bit of time and care to get right so that it feels good. Porn does have a lot to answer for in that regard.


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  4. I’m with you on PIA; it’s not all that interesting to me, generally speaking. Pegging though: hell yes.

    Both are “serious partner only” activities for me, as relationship context, communication, and trust are absolutely vital to making it a good experience.

    Best of luck with your “noble goal” for 2018! 🙂

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