I love the idea of this being the first thing The Engineer sees when he gets home from work someday – but a much more elaborate and luxurious spread than this, complete with a candelabra and a vintage lace peignoir (I wouldn’t consider these items to actually be epicurean, but I worked with what I had!).Β  I want to make a complete mess with him on a hard dining room table.

On a completely unrelated note, E is the best! letter! ever! for a photo prompt (all those exquisite adjectives)… there were a million ideas that I didn’t have the time or resources to follow through with.Β  If anyone can tell me how to overlay one image on another without Adobe Photoshop, please let me know in the comments!

Sinful Sunday

33 thoughts on “Epicurean

  1. Stunning photo, love how the shadows play off you and the image.

    As for editing photo’s without using PhotoShop, if you are looking for a program you can use on a computer GIMP is what I use. The program is just like PS but it is free (Open Source) yet has all the features of PS. You can overlay images in it as layers.

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  2. awakenedgentleman

    Such a delicious layout. Happy table fucking with E. There is something magic about pounding tables and counters.

    I second John’s suggestion about GIMP.

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