In Suspense

I was finally put into full rope suspension for the first time last fall; it was comfortable and calming, and the mistress who bound and hoisted me was brilliant (she’s a friend, so I may be biased).  Can’t wait to do this again someday!

P.S.  Many of you noted in the comments that you were interested in being suspended; I asked Cammies on the Floor for a piece of advice or a tip I could put on the website for folks who were interested, and here’s what she wrote: “Going to rope practice classes and socials is the best way to meet someone. Being a practice bottom isn’t very fun, but it’s important to a top and segways into knowing a top well enough to suspend.”

Sinful Sunday

36 thoughts on “In Suspense

    1. I’ve known the person who suspended me (as a teacher, that sentence just made me laugh so hard) for a long time (and she’s really hard core about safety), so the trust is already there – which makes bondage much easier as the person being bound!

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      1. That’s lovely and seems the way to go. I think for me there’s a self consciousness about my weight, the rigger’s ability to lift me and the physical stress of hanging that way which is mitigated for more slender rope bottoms.

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    1. Have you ever written a post on how you got into rope suspension? There seem to be a LOT of comments here from people who are interested in being suspended, and I would love to redirect them to a resource with tips on how they can go about doing that!

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