30 thoughts on “Stifled

  1. awakenedgentleman

    I definitely share your legal concerns. I also wonder how long it will be before WordPress and Tumblr wildly overreact.

    Also a shame that this law will force some sex workers back onto the streets.

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    1. I think it’s already having a massive effect – so many platforms have shut down forums or sections of their site… not only related to sex work, but to sex, period.


    1. Thank you so much! I had The Engineer wrap me up; getting in and out wasn’t so bad, but standing still completely immobilized and blind up on that little stool was difficult! I don’t write about this much on the blog, but I did sex work for a couple of years, so this bill package has me pretty angry.

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      1. I remember you telling me ages ago abt the SW, this whole thing is so damned vicious.And it will hit so many women, families and people of colour hard. And the secondary spin-offs – just waiting for the other shoe to drop re WP. Twitter and Tumblr.
        Well done the Engineer for the photography and support work! xx

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  2. Great idea and the images are brilliant. I expect my blog to be shut down at any point – due to the terrible censorship that is sweaping across the Internet at the moment. We don’t need censorship we need education and investment in young people!

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    1. I agree – it pisses me off to no end that congress has time to pass this bullshit (and more abstinence-only ed) but can’t work on or finance public education. It seems to me that this is a pre-election ploy intended to trump up low approval ratings.

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    1. Yeah – it freaks me out. The general populace isn’t going to start reacting until it starts to affect them more… I feel like the Craigslist thing is just the beginning of that.


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