The very first thing out of every mouth of every friend of mine here in the States to whom I tell I’m dating an Englishman is, “Ooh – does he have a sexy accent?”*  I often tell friends from Ireland and the UK that the whole bit in Love, Actually about a young Brit coming to the US to get laid is realistic.  They think I’m joking, but there are soooooo many Statesiders who become instantly aroused upon hearing a British accent – even when the word snog is used (that word crawls under my skin like the word “moist” does for some people).

I was never one of these people.  I’ve slept with people from many states and countries with many accents and was never particularly drawn to any specific one… until Banger.  It’s funny how a pattern of arousal can develop because of a strong emotional attachment.  Sometimes, you see someone who looks like an ex, and you immediately want to fuck them.  Or you hear a song that brings you back to a hot encounter, and the first person you see becomes much more attractive.  Or you develop a kink with a partner and every time you meet someone associated with that kink, you feel yourself swell a bit.

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Until this guy, I thought English accents were lovely, but not particularly arousing.  But after he left, his voice stayed with me.  I could hear it drifting around my head for months, an echoing will-o-the-wisp.  Being in London last summer was jarring at times; I’d hear someone say something exactly in the manner in which he would say it, and I’d swear it was him, only to turn my head and find out that his way of saying that word or phrase was just common in London.

The sex we had was so exquisite that British accents became an element of my schema of lust – a piece of unexpected kindling.

While I didn’t have an attraction to accents for the longest time, I’ve always had an attraction to languages.  When someone speaks to me in another language, especially if they’re fluent in two or more languages (and especially if I have no idea what they’re saying), I feel weak in the knees.  This has everything to do with being a sapiosexual and not much to do with any particular language.  I know this because it doesn’t have to be a foreign language; it can just be a jargon specific to a vocation or field of knowledge with which I am unfamiliar.  When someone starts talking about string theory or calculus or speaks in legalese or medical jargon, it has the exact same effect on me.  I just love a person who loves to learn and knows their shit!  That’s sexy.




*Yes.  Yes, he does.


10 thoughts on “Hooked

    1. Oh! Hahahahaha – yes, just as many different accents as there are in the States! There are undoubtedly a LOT of Statesiders who can’t tell the difference between a Scottish and an English accent, let alone a London vs. Birmingham one (much like a lot of people can’t tell the difference between Canadian and American accents, especially if someone comes from a major city). I think many Americans are just attracted to all the various accents and dialects of the British Isles.

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  1. I do agree that
    – pattern of arousal can develop because of a strong emotional attachment

    Thats happened to me on numerous occasions resulting in relationships. Great post Jo x

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  2. Thanks for your very informative reply Jo. I am now a little bit wiser on the subject. I was listening to Michael Caine on tv last njght and he said when he filmed Alfie in the 60s he also had to do a version for the American market where he watered down his cockney accent. I don’t imagine that would be done these days.

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  3. Oh yes you are so right about the sapiosexual aspect of languages. I never thought of that but too am the same about not just languages but when someone clearly knows there stuff. It is just damn sexy


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  4. That took me back to my time in New York, so many people wanted me just to talk to them because of my accent…shame it wasn’t anyone I was attracted to *rolls eyes.


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