If you’re looking for sexy teacher porn or want to read news about some scandalous teacher who had an inappropriate relationship with a student, look elsewhere; this is definitely not that place.

I’m a high school teacher who studied sex education policy in grad school and can’t seem to stop talking about sex with everyone I meet.

Our society holds its teachers to a moral standard that people in other professions (except politicians… and look how well that’s working out) simply aren’t held to.  Because we are role models in the classroom, it is expected that we live by some Sarah Brown-esque code in which we don’t drink in public, don’t have sex, and don’t do anything illegal or immoral (however you define “immoral”).

But let’s be real.

Teachers are people.  They have lives outside of the walls of their classrooms — lives that are separate from their teaching practices.  I don’t bring my personal life into my classroom… but I have a personal life.  And that’s okay.

Teachers Have Sex contains personal reflections, stories, and anecdotes about sexuality, dating, relationships, and teaching.  Sometimes I’ll mix it up and throw in some thoughts on sex ed and politics, because why not?!  I want to put these topics together in an attempt to try to normalize the idea that teachers can be regular human beings with friendships, families, partners, and sex lives and still be amazing and inspiring mentors, role models, and community members.