I’m Not Irish (But Kiss Me Anyway)

A very happy St. Pat’s weekend to you all, and more importantly – a very happy Eroticon!  Hope everyone is having an amazing time and I wish I could be there with all of you. xx

Sinful Sunday


Inspired by a 1962 photograph of Marilyn Monroe.

Sinful Sunday

In Suspense

I was finally put into full rope suspension for the first time last fall; it was comfortable and calming, and the mistress who bound and hoisted me was brilliant (she’s a friend, so I may be biased).  Can’t wait to do this again someday!

P.S.  Many of you noted in the comments that you were interested in being suspended; I asked Cammies on the Floor for a piece of advice or a tip I could put on the website for folks who were interested, and here’s what she wrote: “Going to rope practice classes and socials is the best way to meet someone. Being a practice bottom isn’t very fun, but it’s important to a top and segways into knowing a top well enough to suspend.”

Sinful Sunday


I love the idea of this being the first thing The Engineer sees when he gets home from work someday – but a much more elaborate and luxurious spread than this, complete with a candelabra and a vintage lace peignoir (I wouldn’t consider these items to actually be epicurean, but I worked with what I had!).  I want to make a complete mess with him on a hard dining room table.

On a completely unrelated note, E is the best! letter! ever! for a photo prompt (all those exquisite adjectives)… there were a million ideas that I didn’t have the time or resources to follow through with.  If anyone can tell me how to overlay one image on another without Adobe Photoshop, please let me know in the comments!

Sinful Sunday


In a pain-pill haze, I accidentally posted my January prompt post last weekend; today’s was supposed to be posted last week.  Derp.

Nothing about reflections, ends and beginnings, or resolutions; only a simple command:

… then again: I guess this is something I do on a daily basis.

Sinful Sunday


In the absence of stability of space, resources, and purpose this year, yoga has been the one form of movement I’ve always been able to count on.  I try to practice daily – even if for just ten minutes when I wake up or before bed – because it slows me down, calms my mind, and brings joy to my body.


Best of all, it makes me flexible and strong – both traits that lend themselves to other types of movement.

Sinful Sunday
… Aaaaand I just realized I’ve posted my January prompt post on the wrong day.  Ha! This week between Christmas and New Year that has all these “neither here nor there” days is really messing me up!