Bows and Lace

I’ve never been into lingerie.  This may disappoint you to know, but I’m solidly a cotton briefs, jeans, T-shirt, hoodie, ponytail, and sneakers kind of woman.  The Engineer, on the other hand, is a young man who’s watched a lot of porn and LOVES him some lingerie.  I consistently tell him whenever he tentatively asks if I’ll wear something special for him that I will gladly wear whatever he puts in front of me, as long as it turns him on.

We popped into a lingerie shop in Dublin this summer; while we were waiting at the register, he grabbed this off a rack on impulse.  I smirked at the cliche nature of it – a French maid outfit – but then loved the way it looked once it was on.  Can’t say the top is very proprietary for a maid, but maybe she’s supposed to be a secretly slatternly maid.

More lingerie awaits me in a bag underneath his bed; looking forward to seeing what he has in store!  Speaking of – posts will probably be sparse for the next month as I engage in a massive, month-long bone-a-thon.  After three and a half months apart, the reunion is good to be goooooood, y’all.

Sinful Sunday


I didn’t wear a costume for Halloween this year (huge bummer, as I love both Halloween and costumes!), but I did wear a cat suit to Rocky Horror, so I consider that a win.  Hope everyone had a brilliant Halloween!

Sinful Sunday

Something Wicked…

So Molly and I took a walk in the woods this summer, and of course I got naked, because that’s what one does when in nature with Molly.  She sent me all these beautiful, verdant, sun-dappled, big-blue-skied photos… and while I love them all, this one jumped out immediately as my favorite, because all of my life I’ve loved all things spooky, creepy, haunting, and dark above all else – to the degree that I sometimes think my parents should have been a little worried when I was young.

My dreams of the woods are more The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (which is a fantastic book, btw) and less teddy bear picnics.  Sweet dreams, everyone.  Halloween is coming.

Sinful Sunday

Things Are Looking Up

finally got the claim processed from when my camera got stolen in Spain, which means there’s a camera coming my way; until it arrives, you’re all stuck with these low-res phone shots.  Hope you don’t mind the quality of the picture, my darlings!

Sinful Sunday
P.S. I took this photo a few weeks ago… and then saw this photo posted by Holden and Camille and thought, “Oh, right – I have that one picture from the bathroom…”  Thanks for reminding me, guys! 😀


I carried a bottle of hot sauce with me the whole six months I traveled; what can I say?  I’m a girl who loves everything spicy.

No sugar, just spice – and naughty, not nice.

Sinful Sunday

Hitchin’ a Ride

Do you think a nice driver would pick me up if I were lost on some lonesome highway?

Looks pretty empty to me… might have to stop to enjoy the scenery for a while.

Maybe it would help if I stuck my thumb out!

Sinful Sunday

Fun note: A truck driver actually did turn onto this road as I was walking toward my clothes, which I’d unceremoniously flung onto the grass; I had to pick them up and press them to me as The Engineer tried to hide me!