Happy Endings (NSFR)


We’re the first ones to arrive at the club; it’s wide open, with tons of couches and tables scattered across a huge, darkly lit room.  There’s a costume closet with a bunch of dresses and shirts and a few toys in it – one small flogger, a long leather paddle, a dildo.  We settle into a “room” adjoining the main area; I’m using quotation marks here because instead of walls, there are just metal bars separating these spaces.  Nowhere to hide.  I was putting off coming here for months because I felt a little shy, but now that I’m here, it feels comfortable.  A little dungeon-y.

Shortly after we open our bottle of Jack and pour ourselves small cocktails (swinger’s clubs in Korea require the purchase of bottle service for entry), we look around more.  I see a large swinging hook hanging from the ceiling; I grab the rope I brought with me and tie myself up to it, asking my playmates to grab that paddle and hit me with it; they gladly oblige.  Soon another couple comes up and asks if they can spank me, too; yes, I say, delighted!  Actually, one of them started fondling me without asking first – a common occurrence at this place.  I had to tell two people (in a language I’m not fluent in) that night to ask before touching.

We’re the first ones to have sex that night; I’m riding him and she’s sitting on his face and she and I are making out, and suddenly I look over to see that everyone in the room is intently staring at us.  It doesn’t bother me because I’m in the sex haze where nothing else matters but my orgasms.  Enjoy, I think, just don’t interrupt me while I’m coming.


A beautiful young woman comes over to play at some point while I’m being fucked from behind with a strap-on by the woman I came with (her first time using one!); the owner had whispered to us when we first saw her that she was a lesbian and wanted to play with women.  Whispered it because same-sex play is relatively uncommon in Korean clubs.

She looks like a real doll.  Like a straight man’s fantasy.  Perfect skin, fake breasts on a tiny frame, false eyelashes, long hair.  She’d come with a much older man but wasn’t really playing with him; he followed her everywhere she went, but I didn’t see him interacting with another person until the end of the night, when most people were drunk.

I was already on my hands and knees; she asked my friend if she could play, which got relayed to me; I answered with a resounding yes.  She kneeled behind me and started licking me.  At some point she started rimming me; afraid she would start licking my vulva again afterward, I stopped her (I’d already had to explain to the friend I came with that you can’t do that; she had no idea!) and asked her to lie on her back.  I started sliding my hand up and down her labia, smiling at her, before sliding a finger inside and asking her which spot she preferred I concentrate on.  I eventually worked up to three fingers, pushing into her G-spot with a steady rhythm; I suddenly felt a rush of liquid gushing into my hand.  I looked more closely and saw that the tissues around her urethra were so engorged that it looked like the head of a penis!  I stopped momentarily, a bit shocked, and everyone around me shouted, “No, keep going!”  Soon there was a flood pouring out of her and onto the floor around her, jets of ejaculate flying onto my dress. It. Was. Amazing.  It was my first time seeing a woman ejaculate, and it truly felt like a miracle!  I high fived her as my friends went to grab a sheet to mop everything up.  “Kiss me,” she said in a small voice, and not being one to deny someone so lovely, I leaned in and brushed my lips on hers.  They felt like petals.


I start fucking this guy, straddling him, and I keep trying to take his shirt off; he keeps pushing it down.  When I take my dress off to reveal a completely nude Jo, I hear an audible gasp from several people in the room.  I look around, and everyone – even mid-orgy – is wearing a shirt of some kind.  Mostly button-down men’s shirts.  Doesn’t quite seem the place to be modest, I think, but I come from a completely different culture.  What do I know?


Because one of the friends I came with is a marine and there’s a military curfew, we have to stay out ‘til 5:00 AM.  Around 3:30, I feel totally exhausted and just want to go – until a Danish woman and French man come over and sit with us.  They’re coworkers.  Not sure how the lifestyle came up in work conversation!  I tie her up and we take turns spanking her; I take her down and she hops onto her coworker.  It’s so hot it makes my jaw drop – he’s holding her up, his back against a wall, bouncing her on his dick.  I teach the marine how to tie a dragonfly harness; he ties me up, grabs a spreader bar upon my request, and locks my ankles into it.  The Europeans are taking a break, so I look over at the French guy and ask politely if he’ll bend me over and fuck me while I suck the marine’s cock; he gladly does.  It’s hard to get into a rhythm, but I’m having the time of my life being pushed back and forth by two dicks, precariously balanced.  While this is happening, the woman I came with starts spanking me, and the Danish woman whispers in my ear, “You’re such a good English teacher!  You take his cock so well!”  I come in waves, pleasure undulating through my body, satiated with the rapture of having a long-standing desire fulfilled.

I just think: Thank gods for the military curfew.  We eventually clean up and leave at 5:00 to get pho across the street, drained and content and maybe a little sore, looking forward to a long morning of deep sleep.

One thing leads to another… (NSFR)

So you know when you’re taking dirty pictures of yourself… 

… and you get a sudden urge to masturbate RIGHT NOW?

What’s even better is when that wank leads into a “Hmm… my camera is already set up; why not make a video for my sweetheart?” leads into “I should also probably try this new sex toy that I bought myself recently” leads into “and add this other sex toy.”  

P.S.  Jilling it (sorry, Jill) while wearing wrist restraints is surprisingly hot.  

P.P.S. The Korean word for vagina is pronounced Jill, so it’s kind of an apt term.  

Check out other fun pics by clicking on the lips below:

Sinful Sunday

Year of the ass: 2015 was, indeed, all about that bass*. (NSFR)

In a recent episode, Sex Nerd Sandra declared 2015 the year of the ass; I couldn’t agree more.  Personally, at least.  As it’s been noted in popular culture and mass media, both the ass itself as a desired body part (in terms of shape and size) and anal sex have become wildly popular in the past five or so years.  

The first time someone slipped a finger into my ass during sex (there’s a transition), I was straddling a dude from one of my college classes in his kitchen after we’d just played strip Trivial Pursuit (highly recommended).  His roommate and the friend I’d brought were off in a bedroom doing… whatever they were doing, and we were fucking on the kitchen floor, my legs wrapped around his waist.  I was already super aroused, so it wasn’t painful – just a new sensation that heightened my desire… and after a few moments, I really got into it.  I thought, “Why haven’t other guys done this?  Why haven’t I done this to other people?”  It opened a whole new pathway to pleasure for me. 

Fast forward a year, and I was having anal sex.  Sadly, it wouldn’t be until graduate school when I got into prostate play and pegging, but I got there eventually!  I found out that I love the way a dildo looks strapped onto the front of my body – how the curve of it complements my other curves, how its sheen draws the eye toward it, how the cool silicone feels cupped in my hand.  I love the act of penetrating (with anything, really); it gives me great pleasure to see the look on a partner’s face when I hit exactly the right spot, that desperate “please god – oh god – take me there” look.  I love the way a rectum will basically pull your finger (or a plug, or a dildo) in once you’re past the sphincter, as if to say, “Welcome!” and I love the way a prostate feels against my fingertip, the rounded ridge succumbing to gentle pressure.  I love hearing a partner tell me to press harder or in a different spot or with a certain motion.  Fuck.  Yes.

Image result for sunshine coming out of a butt

For various reasons, I didn’t get any anal play at ALL (a travesty, I know) for years – I had short-term partners who weren’t into it and I didn’t have long-term partners whom I really trusted.  And then, this year, I started dating someone who’s really into all things butt, and it was like the glorious heavens opened up and showered bright rays of buttshine down onto me.

This year, I:

  • Enjoyed analingus, both giving and receiving, completely sober for the first time in my life, and it’s FUCKING AWESOME.
  • Bought two butt plugs, one of which vibrates.  Why two, you ask?  I bought the first one online after being inspired by a GOTN post; the store said it was “small,” but it was decidedly not small.  I kept it and bought another one, because you can’t have too many.
  • Used both plugs while masturbating, in me during sex, and in my partner during sex, and just uuuunnnnggghhh.
  • Helped my partner achieve some incredibly intense orgasms with prostate play.
  • Had anal sex for the first time in almost a decade!!! 
  • Had anal sex in cowgirl position for the first time ever (it’s a lot easier, guys, especially if you’re fucking someone with a larger than average dick or dildo).  Thanks, lube.  You’re my friend.

My sweetheart has never been pegged but is super interested in it, so I’m wishing on all the shooting stars I see that that happens before he takes off later this month.  Keep your dildos crossed for me!  2015 was the year that re-introduced me to all things anal, and all the nerve endings in my nether regions are grateful.  

*Not that I have much of a bass.  Bone to pick with this song: treble clefs are still bottom heavy.  Can I get a musical symbol of a body type with a big rack and a firm but relatively small behind?  Cause that’s where I’m at.  Maybe imagine the bass clef upside down, and that’s what my boobs are like.

Pussy Poem! (NSFR)

I thought of the first two sentences of this poem a few months ago and it made me laugh, so I decided to make a whole thing of it.  Warning: I’m not a poet and this is likely a terrible poem.  However, it’s also probable that it’s entertaining, so enjoy!

Want me to come?  Then
Don’t even go near my vulva until you’ve touched every other inch of my body.
Until you’ve
Dragged your tongue all the way up my spine
Snaked your fingers up the nape of my neck and into my hair
Caressed the backs of my legs and my inner thighs
Kissed both of my arms lengthwise like Gomez Addams
Scratched my ass cheeks ever so lightly
Run your tongue, your lips, your hands over my breasts (several times, then several more)
Dug your fingernails into my hips
Nibbled my earlobes
Traced my collarbone and
Licked all of my bare skin.
And when you finally make it there to find me slippery in anticipation – 
Don’t you dare go straight to my clitoris. 
A vulva has many parts,
All of which long to be touched.
Start out at the very edges and work your way in slowly. 
Take your time.
Tease me. 
When you finally do make it to the epicenter of all my nerve endings,
I’ll be begging for it.
It will feel like I’m dying,
And it will be the sweetest death.

Long Before Grey – NSFR (Not Safe for Relatives)

New Orleans is a city made for trouble — all kinds — and I got into a lot of it there.  I was out dancing at the Rock N’ Bowl (a musical venue – slash – bowling alley, and a classy joint if ever there was one) on a school night, and I mentioned to my dance partner that I’d recently seen a pro-domme at Colette, a swinger’s club in the central business district.  He kept dancing and said, “Reaaallllly?” in a Cheshire Cat voice.  “Are you into kink?”  I told him that I really liked the experience and would be interested in experimenting more (though to be honest, I’d been playing since high school).  A few days later, I received a text from him asking if I’d like to come over because he “had a few things to show me.”  Intrigued, I told him I was free the next night. 

I knocked on his door and was invited in.  The lighting was dim and he welcomed me warmly, then showed me around his apartment.  We finally got to his bedroom, where he made a dramatic pause before flinging the door open to reveal a whole plethora of toys spread out on his bed.  Paddles, ropes, gags, floggers… it was a beautiful array, carefully laid out for my eyes to wonder at.  I picked up several items, just touching them to get a feel for the different texture and intensity of each toy.  I’m sure I looked like a kid in a candy shop.  “Wanna play?” he asked with a mischievous grin.  HELL YES, I wanted to play.  He told me that he was a lifestyle dom and he’d been doing this for a long time.  I had little idea what to expect, but I was So. Excited. 

He told me to strip down to my underwear; I willingly complied.  There was no negotiation, no safe words mentioned, no asking for consent.  I now know that it was shitty on his part as the experienced one not to ask about limits or discuss safety with me, just as it was poor judgment on my part not to ask about safety, and if I knew then what I know now, I would have had a conversation with him first.  But it was also fucking hot that he just told me what to do.*

He put a blindfold around my head and told me to get on my knees.  Once there, he tied my arms together behind my back (my forearms overlapping each other horizontally behind me), looped the rope through a ring in the ceiling, and brought it down to tie my ankles together in kind of a modified hogtie.

Once I was (almost) immobile, he began to alternate between sensual teasing and light impact play, making me ask for more.  He pulled my hair and called me foul names, and I was so turned on.  I hadn’t been physically attracted to him before that night, but as he slid his hands over me and hit me in all the right places with conviction, I was desperate to have him inside of me.  “Fuck me,” I whispered.  “I didn’t hear you,” he said in a commanding tone.  “Speak up.”  “Please fuck me,” I repeated.  “What did you say?” he asked.  “God, please fuck me,” I begged.  “Not tonight,” he said, and started undoing the ropes.     

I got dressed in an elated daze, wondering what the fuck just happened.  We hugged goodbye, and I left his apartment flushed and buoyant.  He moved to Texas shortly thereafter, so I never did get a chance to play with him again, but he left me with a fierce desire for the intense combination of pain and pleasure that I’ve been enjoying ever since.    

*Dear Dominants:  This story is not meant to encourage you to play without negotiation; while nothing bad happened in this case, it could have.  PLEASE discuss safety with your subs before playing!