Moment in the Sun

Emboldened by the polar bear swim I did last week, I thought yesterday might be a lovely day to take some photos at the beach.


It was just above freezing yesterday (2°C), and the beach was incredibly windy. Surely, I thought, there will be no one else there, so taking nude photos should be a piece of cake.  Wrong!  I had to walk around for a while before finding a place with no one in sight – and even then, I was accidentally encountered by an older man!


Worth it.  Hope I made his day!

Sinful Sunday

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


These glorious locks are coming off soon, so I’m trying to enjoy them while I can.


Only a couple more weeks to get this long mane yanked the way I like!  I may have to start wearing it in braids and then ask mysterious strangers at the bar to pull them…


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Sinful Sunday


One of my favorite places to fuck is on the kitchen counter – I still remember my first time having sex on one.  I had a partner over for dinner; as I was cutting vegetables, he came up behind me and started kissing me. I turned around and hopped up; he slid his hands up my skirt to discover that I wasn’t wearing panties, and that was that.


Doing tricep dips at the gym comes in handy; I use my arm muscles to lower myself onto his cock, then raise back up.


But I also love getting up on my tip toes and bending over the cold surface.


And I especially love that the cabinets above mine have bars to hold onto while I’m being pounded.

Sinful Sunday

Just a light wank before bed…

Have a new toy to play with, so I thought I might as well make it festive!




Sometimes I get a little creative ’cause I’m bendy:


Once in a while we just find ourselves in strange positions while wanking, you know?

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Sinful Sunday