One Down

Still in a sex haze from a long, giddy night of pot and orgasms that stretched into a morning of devouring all the leftovers in my flat before devouring each other, I lie silent for a minute, listening to the door click behind him as his footsteps run down my stairs outside.  Everything is perfectly still and calm; I can hear birds chirping and see the first rays of sun starting to penetrate the sky.  It’s too early for traffic – and besides, no one would be out on a Sunday morning.  Except him.  Perhaps whistling while he walks; perhaps listening to music.  Definitely thinking about the way I taste.

I reach into my nightstand drawer and pull out a Batman stationery pad, flipping it open to the first page on which I’ve written the beginning of a list:

Double butt plug

Saran wrap fuck

Bound, spread-eagle fuck


The list goes on.  I’d written it after a long conversation we’d had a few weeks prior in which we spent hours talking dirty about the things we wanted to do together.  I had snapped a quick photo of it with my phone, sending it to him as a kind reminder; sure, there were things I had in a mental life-long fucket list of unlikely situations, but he was a rare and beautiful partner: the kind I could suggest any fantasy to, knowing he’d be game.  I wanted to have a special fucket list for us. 

I grab a pen and with a steady hand cross off the phrase “good ol’-fashioned anal” before ripping the sheet of paper out of the pad and neatly folding it into its own envelope.  I write his address on the cover and put it aside for the moment, relishing the memory of sitting on top of him in the dark, his breathing shallow and yearning, as I lowered myself slowly onto his cock. I had slid back up almost immediately for more lube; once that was in place, delightfully messy and slippery, I found it much easier to slip him inside of me.  I could feel every throbbing vein on his cock against my tight muscles; I turned on a wand and sat on him, telling him to hold still while I brought myself to climax.  Once I’d come, my whole body relaxed, and I could start gliding along his cock – back and forth until I felt comfortable.  Until I wanted it deeper.  Until I came again, my whole pelvic floor contracting against him – which is when he lost it, moaning a guttural moan I’d never heard before. One of desperate release drawn out of him like a spirit.

My hunger not quite satisfied, I roll out of bed, throw on some sweats, and settle on grabbing a bagel down the street.  I clip our list onto the mailbox on my way out the door for the mail carrier to pick up the next day and giggle at the thought of her opening it or trying to use the light to see what’s inside.  On the way, I hear dull church bells ring in the distance, and once again I think of him; I hope he’s made it on time.

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29 thoughts on “One Down

  1. Love your story, Jo. The Saran Wrap Fuck, I am not quite sure what that is, although I think maybe you are wrapped in Saran Wrap and fucked, I guess. It reminds me of one of my favorite porn films from the 70’s called Baby Face. The hero is wrapped in Saran Wrap except for his cock and the wrapper, being the mother of a girl he deflowered, is about to take scissors to him. I forget how he escapes, but he is last seen hopping down the road. It’s one of the best I’ve seen with a huge orgy scene with one woman taking on a ton of guys trying to set a record.

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    1. Thanks so much, Elliott! I really enjoy being mummified, and I have a fantasy of being immobilized in saran wrap and fucked. Logistically, I guess I’d have to have the top half of me wrapped as well as my lower legs. Being fucked when I can’t move is SO hot for me; I’ve done it in bondage and bed sheets, but never plastic wrap!

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      1. Wrapped tightly all the way down from the shoulders to the ankles would work, a little looser from the hips to the knees. Two holes in appropriate places. I guess wrapping standing up and trying not to break out laughing when trying to lay down on the bed in a sexy way. One of my favorite positions for fucking is with her legs together and one of my legs on each side, so this would be perfect. Let me know if you ever decide to go see the Space Needle.


      2. Ha – usually the mummified person is just picked up and placed on a table or bed… I believe a sexy attempt to lie down would just make for a terrible fall!


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