It’s what makes a sub a sub.*

Sinful Sunday
*This is a play on the Subaru slogan, not a genuine statement of belief.


I took other photos in this shoot that were a little more sultry or filthy, but I keep coming back to this image. Not sure why, but I’m drawn to it.  Maybe it’s the fact that I know I’m not wearing knickers, and that skirt is hiked up as far as I dared.

Sinful Sunday



If I’m going to reach for the stars, the star I’m reaching for may as well be the sun! (Yes, I DO know the sun is behind me in this photo, so I’m reaching the wrong way.  That’s mostly how I operate.)

Sinful Sunday

Rain, Rain…

If you’re in England and have been suffering from the Great British Heat Wave / walking on crunchy brown grass for weeks, you know how desperate the country is for rain.  It finally came while I was here… and stuck in a tent with the intention of going on a 15 km hike!  No matter; we found other things to do.

Sinful Sunday