In an alternate universe or an alternate lifetime, this is us – unencumbered by shoulds and shouldn’ts.

Encouraged by coulds instead:

I could kiss you for hours.

We could explore each other’s bodies with our fingertips and tongues in the early morning light after waking up, limbs entangled.

You could love all of the people you wanted to love.

Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Could

  1. jerusalemmortimer

    I hope it works out.
    I love the sensuality of hands pressed together. Worth focussing on whatever else may be happening.
    I hope you find ways to love everyone you want to, and I love the photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I’m having some bittersweet feelings right now; this woman is truly inspiring and beautiful, and I’m *so* lucky to have her in my life… I just wish we could be intimate in ways that aren’t really possible right now. ❤


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