In the absence of stability of space, resources, and purpose this year, yoga has been the one form of movement I’ve always been able to count on.  I try to practice daily – even if for just ten minutes when I wake up or before bed – because it slows me down, calms my mind, and brings joy to my body.


Best of all, it makes me flexible and strong – both traits that lend themselves to other types of movement.

Sinful Sunday
… Aaaaand I just realized I’ve posted my January prompt post on the wrong day.  Ha! This week between Christmas and New Year that has all these “neither here nor there” days is really messing me up!

28 thoughts on “Stretch

    1. Thanks! Happy New Year too you, too!!! There are a million beginner’s yoga videos on YouTube; my favorite channel is Yoga with Adrienne. I would start by taking a few in person classes, though, just to make sure you’re getting feedback from an instructor on form. Happy stretching! xx

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  1. You look great doing this. 🙂
    ohhh that last pose used to be my favorite! I used to do that all the time when I was little. I would give myself a concussion if I tried that now. LOL


    1. Ha! You could absolutely do it now with practice! We build strength little by little in our bodies, minds, and hearts. ❤ You still have a crow in you! xx


  2. Thanks Jo your lovely photos just reminded me how much I appreciated the yoga practice I did during the second half of last year. Unfortunately I ended up having to stop because of a medical problem, possibly aggravated by inversions. (No – in versions). I was only a beginner, no way could I do the crow, but I felt the most flexible I had in years and just generally more at ease with the situation I was dealing with (caring for mum in her last months).
    You’ve inspired me -I think I have to wear more supportive garments and try again. Xx

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    1. Sorry to hear you had to quit your practice, but I think it’s wonderful that you want to get back to it – especially as a way to heal after a hard year. There are a lot of videos that only focus on one body part or use modified poses; you can definitely adapt your practice to whatever works for you! Wishing you a happy, healthy, and bright 2018, Indie. xxx

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    1. Thanks! I think everyone should try at least a few sun salutations or breath practice at least a few times just to notice how their focus and breathing changes. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I also love seeing strong bodies. I started doing strength training a few years ago, and it made me feel better about myself than cardio ever did. Being strong does a lot for confidence! ❤

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